Friday, December 2, 2016

Missing In Action Links

OK, I've gone through most of my materials from the old site and these are the links that are dead. If you know if this file can be found elsewhere, please post the updated URL in the comments below:

House Rules:
Background Rules: 
If the I don't receive URL updates in a few months, I'll declare them KIA and commit their links to the deep.


  1. I don't have any links but, I went kind of crazy back in 2000-01 and made a hard print copy of everything FT that
    was on the web at the time! I have two big binders full
    of stuff, and I do have a scanner....)


  2. Don, that would be fantastic, please do so. I plan on reformatting all of my remaining .TXT files to something a little more current.

  3. OK Mark I'll dig them out next weekend.