House Rules

The generic, open-ended nature of Full Thrust makes it ripe for modification. Herein are various home-brew rules to use at your terrain table.

Full Thrust FAQ (Link MIA)


Full Thrust Weapons/Defense Archive: Great multi-genre ideas to equip your ships.

AquaZone: Rules of using Full Thrust for submarine combat. (Link MIA)

Full Throttle: Rules to convert FT into a Mecha combat game. (Link MIA)

4000 AD-Based Campaign Rules by Mike Elliot: A simple way to run FT Campaigns.

Fighter Modification Rules by Jared Noble: Build your own FT fighter types.

Tractor Beam Rules, by Various Authors: Several ideas about how to include tractor beams into your FT games.

Real Thrust, by Mark Langsdorf: A set of realistic movement rules

Age of Sail rules for Full Thrust. Full Thrust in the age of Wooden Shi... oh you know the rest.

Fighter Rules and records sheets for FT by Keith Jordan: This .ZIP file contains a .WPS file with rules for converting FT into a fighter game along with several .GIF images of record sheets for Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica fighters.

New Weapons Rules by

Mark Kochte's ECM Rules: New Electronic Warfare rules.